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We provide a wide range of services including:
      Chronic Pain Management                   
      Athletic Development and Training
      Nutritional Counseling
     Pre- and Post-Rehab Services
      Therapeutic Exercise
      Osteoporosis/Bone Density Improvement
      Corporate Wellness Services
      Fitness Classes
      Nutritional Counseling

      Resistance Training/Weight lifting
Chronic Pain Management

Both passive and active intervention is available:

Therapeutic Massage therapy for temporary relief 
and pain control

Ergonomic instruction

Exercise prescription

Instruction in self-administered manual techniques











Athletic Development and Training

Leslie is an experienced athlete-both competitive & recreational. She has competed in a wide variety of sports and can prepare training programs for the sport of your choice. Whatever your fitness goals, a training program can be tailored for you.

See Leslie if you need help with:

        Running           Volleyball       Biking               Tennis

        Rowing             Skiing           Swimming         Skating                  Golf                  Soccer          Football            Gymnastics  




Pre & Post-Rehab Services, Therapeutic Exercise


After an injury or surgery, a progressive program of muscular rehabilitation will help you to regain functioning or re-train affected muscles.


Leslie has many years of training and experience in working with clients who are recuperating from major medical intervention, or are preparing for major surgery. 





























Core muscle strength is critical for body balance 
and support for t
he spine. Individual or group 
sessions are available to help you regain, build
or maintain your core strength and flexibility.

Osteoporosis/Bone Density Improvement














Research has shown that weight-bearing activities increase  done density. Individual sessions or a Bone Building class will help you develop stronger bones. Exercises are modified for individual class members, based on each person's current level of functioning.

Corporate Wellness Services












A trainer or massage therapist can come to your 
location to provide service or classes on a regularly 
scheduled basis or on a periodic basis.


Fitness Classes













Fitness classes emphasize activities that train          
multiple muscles and the proprioceptive 
system simultaneously. Group classes are friendly and non-competitive. Activities change periodically so your muscles are challenged to improve.

Nutritional Counseling











An individual nutritional plan can be developed for you to  control your weight or to help control a medical condition. Modifications can be made, as needed, to account for changes in your physical condition and activity level.

Personal Training













Whatever your fitness goal, Leslie can
tailor a training program for you.

  • Running: 5K, 10K, marathon

  • Triathlon or duathlon

  • Aerobic conditioning

  • Strength improvement

  • Fitness maintenance

  • See Athletic Development and Training

Resistance Training / Weight Lifting












If you want to increase your strength or strengthen your bones, resistance training is critical. Bone building classes will help to develop stronger bones.

Personal Training will also address your individual improvement plan.















Yoga classes will help you to develop balance, 
flexibility and strength. The instructor emphasizes
respecting your body’s current ability. A variety of
props are available to help you ease into poses.