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Class Schedule: Winter 2024

- Classes are on-going and multi-level

-All Classes are virtual; contact Leslie for payment options

- Minimum of 1 private session is required before joining 

- No -Drop ins

- Make sure to download Zoom on your device before class!






Bone Building


2-3 PM


12-1 PM

Research has shown that weight-bearing activities increase  bone density. Resistance training using multiple platforms including bands, body-weight, dumbbells, etc,. are included in this class to help you develop stronger bones. Exercises are modified for individual class members, based on each person's current level of functioning. 

Roller Core 


8:30-9:30 AM

This class is designed for those who want to improve their core strength from the bones up!  Multiple platforms with Pilates and Yoga are combined  with the use of the foam roller to help you gain function, strength, balance, and flexibility.

Core-tastic Class 

Wednesday & Saturday 

9-10 AM

Pilates and Yoga are taken to a higher level by applying their principles to regular functional exercise to achieve a higher level of usefulness while continually challenging the core.




A class that addresses cardiovascular needs, core strength, flexibility and coordination in a comfortable atmosphere geared toward those who do not aim to be dancers!

Sunday Slow Flow


10:00-11:00 AM

Join us on Sunday morning for an Iyengar-based slow-flow to strengthen the body, increase flexibility and mobility, suitable for all levels.

Core for Athletes



1-2 PM

Whatever your fitness goal, Leslie can tailor a training program for you.


Running: 5K, 10K, marathon, Triathlon/Duathlon

Football, Soccer, Golf, Tennis, Swimming, Baseball/Softball, etc

Aerobic conditioning

Strength improvement

Fitness maintenance

See Athletic Development and Training

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