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Stott Pilates Workshop


Saturday June 22nd, Leslie was privileged to attend a CE workshop at Equilibrium Studios in Bloomfield Hills MI where she met and trained with Moira (Stott) Merrithew, the founder of Stott Pilates and a student of Joseph Pilates' direct student Romana Kryzanowska. Both Romana and Moira Stott were given permission from Joseph Pilates to carry on his work under the Pilates name.


Watch your feet! Wear only indoor shoesin the studio! Shoe soles carry fecal-based bacteria picked up from the out of doors and public restrooms. These bacteria transfer from shoe soles to floor surfaces. Keep your exercise area clean!











Need help monitoring your weight?

Prevention Magazine offers advice, recipes exercise suggestions, and health information. You can track your progress for free, and generate cool charts that show your progress.

New Treadmill

Looking for another commercial treadmill. Any leads?











Check this information on cross-training to stay in optimal condition.


Leslie notes that swimming or rowing is her first choice for cross-training runners. These activities develop a runner's upper body. Cycling emphasizes lower-body conditioning.

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