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Look for answers to commonly asked questions below. 


Feel free to contact Leslie with any questions that are not addressed here.

​   Common questions about massage

How do I know which type of massage I need?

Most people need a combination of more than one discipline or service. Your physician may specify the type of service. Your therapist will be able to assist you in selecting the best service.


How do I prepare?

To receive the maximum benefit from your session, you may want to warm up and relax your muscles first – with a warm shower or gentle stretching or yoga. You will want to wear comfortable clothing when you leave because you will be very relaxed. If possible, it is best to schedule your massage after any heavy or strenuous work that you must do

How will it feel?

Massage on normal tissue is almost always a wonderful feeling. If the therapist works in an area of injury or chronic pain, you may experience discomfort for a few moments. Your therapist will work with you to reach your comfort level by adjusting the pressure or technique to allow a relaxing session.


How often should I have one?

This will depend upon your current health status and your need or reasons for massage. You may require frequent visits if you are a competitive athlete, recovering from an injury, on your feet in a stressful position, or suffering from certain chronic illnesses. 

For maintenance , every 4 to 8 weeks if you are in good health, or want to treat yourself. But for optimum health benefits, once a month is great!















Do I have to undress completely?

No. Many techniques can be done while clothed, or while wearing an exam gown, depending upon the depth of the work. You will be covered with a sheet and/or a blanket for warmth and privacy.

Is massage appropriate for all conditions?

There are medical conditions for which massage is not appropriate. Always tell your therapist about a medical concern, even if you think it is minor.


Why do I need to drink water after a massage?

Water helps remove waste that have been released if you are on medications or have had radation/chemotherapy. 

It will facilitate the increase in circulation as well. Since your muscles are more than 90% water, they need the it for continued cellular metabolism to keep them in your newly relaxed state!


Will insurance cover massage?

Check with your individual provider. Many will reimburse for massage therapy. Money from Flex/Health savings accounts can often be used.

Concerns about fitness classes


I'm so out of shape that I'm embarrassed to start.  Everyone else will look better than me.

Fitness classes are not competitive. Each class member is concerned about his or her own performance and improvement.  Other class members may have been in the same situation as you when they began. Where you are when you begin is not as important as the fact that you DO begin!
















I may not be able to do all the exercises in a class.

The instructor will adjust an exercise for a student to allow for strength, injury, or any other condition that affects performance.

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