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Sometimes called Circulatory or Wellness massage.

Range of motion, flexibility, and circulation are enhanced by a combination of long, flowing strokes and pressure point work.



Similar to Deep Tissue and Swedish massage, except that it is limited to healthy tissue.


Treatment may be localized to the area needing relief or rejuvenation. Moderate pressure, stretching, ice and rubbing alcohol may be used.


















Uses the body’s own neurological pathways to stimulate pain relief. It is often used in conjunction with other techniques.



Chair Massage (in studio or on-site) 


A fully clothed, seated, upper body massage generally done for quick revitalization and stress relief.

This service can be provided on site in offices or social gatherings.











Hot Stone Therapy: 


Warm river rocks used for any type of massage to aid in relaxation, release a specific muscle or warm a meridian point.


Couples Massage:


A private class to teach stress and muscle relief when you cannot call your massage therapist. Both people will be actively involved in the session.


Massage Descriptions

Orthopedic, Rolfing, Deep Tissue, and Neuromuscular Massage;

Involves the assessment, manipulation and movement of soft tissue to reduce pain and dysfunction to restoring structural balance.

Pressure may be applied across deep layers of tissue. Manual Compression, Active Range of Motion, and postural reintegration are techniques used.

Target areas may be sore after the work and bruising may occur.

Lymphodemia Drainage:

A very relaxing technique in which just the skin is moved with very light strokes to aid the removal of fluid.

Certain medical conditions may require a physician’s clearance for this session.

Myofascial Release:


A slightly deeper type of massage to loosen the myofascial tissue, which holds the muscles in place.

By breaking down the tight or scarred connective tissue, blood flow to the afflicted areas is restored, easing discomfort, and restoring mobility.

Massage is an ancient, medically-proven way to help the body heal itself. Different techniques help the body to improve circulation, loosen tight  tissue and improve mobility and range of motion.


Different types of massage can be selected to address the condition and needs of your body.

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