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Class Descriptions

Wellness Classes

Bone-Building: Research has shown that weight-bearing activities increase  bone density. Resistance training using multiple platforms including bands, body-weight, dumbbells, etc,. are included in this class to help you develop stronger bones. Exercises are modified for individual class members, based on each person's current level of functioning. in this class to help you develop stronger bones. 


Back to Pilates:
This rehab class is designed for those with new or pre-existing back issues.  Pilates and yoga are combined to help you regain function, strength,  and flexibility.

Fitness Classes


Cardio Fit  
A multi-level class that will challenge both you cardiovascular and muscular fitness with a fresh variety of cross-training activities. All equipment is fair game!


4 X-Train
A cross-training class with the Big 4: Cardio, Strength, Yoga, and Pilates, in a simple format to ease learning about each aspect of fitness.

Core X-Train

Pilates and Yoga are taken to a higher level by applying their principles to regular functional exercise to achieve a higher level of usefulness while continually challenging the core.

Core X-Train Lite

A beginning class for new exercisers, those recovering from injury, or need that entry level class after Physical Therapy to bridge the gap. Functional basics of both Yoga and Pilates are the mainstay of this hour 

Hatha Yoga
A great way to relieve stress while improving your range of motion and flexibility. All levels welcome.


Mat Pilates
A contemporary approach to Joseph Pilates’ work, taken from the reformer and applied to the mat. This class is for beginning to intermediate level students.



Specialty Classes


60-Minute Challenge - Intermediate and advanced exercisers only!

Ready for a test of endurance and physical skills? This class will provide it! A different theme is emphasized each month to keep things fresh.

  • Sept - Xtend-Cardio Barre Fusion - It's time to revisit those workouts that you only need your body & a 4 ft space around you to effectively work every inch!  Simple, but challenging chorography will make this fun vs feeling that you stepped back in time to that dance class many of us were put in to develop "grace"!!


Men's Core X-Train

A class just for men to address core strength, flexibility and coordination in a comfortable atmosphere geared toward those who do not aim to be dancers!


A thoughtful, playful blend of Joseph Pilates’ matwork, Yoga and Barre. This rehab class is designed for those of any level and ability- but especially for those with injuries who need very specific work for their condition(s).  Props of all 3 disciplines will be used and  to progress safely and effectively. 

  • Oct - Core-tastic!-  Lots of core work. Lots!! Standing, lying, sitting...!!!


  • Nov - Just the Basics! - Plain, simple & effective exercise to help you destress!


  • Dec - Boot Camp!- Instructors choice & everything is fair game! Still keeping it simple- our holiday fav!

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