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How we are keeping you safe during this time...







As mentioned in our initial COVID-19 statement,coming from the hospital and always following blood borne pathogens (including in- home), 

and we see many vulnerable populations (chronic pain, end of life, and physical therapy patients), our mode of operations have always been clinical based.

Many of the chronic pain patients are immuno-suppressive-which adds another layer of needed safety.  


That includes how we clean, and what is used to clean with. With that said, adding on to from the list below of what  daily operations are, the new protocols that will be added in:


New protocols:

1)  If you think you might be sick or just getting over something- this needs to be discussed no less than 24hrs before your appointment (so you are not charged) so we can make the determination if  you need to be rescheduled.  This also goes if you are the caregiver of someone getting over an illness.  If you come in with a cough or sniffles with the, "I'm fine, I'm just getting over a little cold", you will be charged and sent home.  I will make that determination for the safety of whom we see.  


2)  If you have traveled, you need to be back 14 days minimum before being seen and healthy.


3)  When you arrive and before your session, please WASH your hands for 20 seconds.  That is truly your best defense vs. overloading on hand sanitizer.


4) Door handles, coat hangers/rack will be sanitized between patients.


5)  Mask/face covering are asked to be worn unless it interferes with treatment.  If you can't, we will figure it out.


6) Virtual appointments will continue for those who need/want it.


7) NO street shoes beyond the waiting room.  No exceptions.


8) If you need an ink pen, I will handed to you so I know which needs to be sanitized.


9) I will disinfect the floor between each therapy patient in the gym, vs at the end of the day.


10) Social distancing will be encouraged when greeting others in the office.


11) When the medically-based rehab classes start back up in clinic, social distancing of mats will be observed.   The classes where equipment sharing happens during circuit rotation will either:  A) not done if the class is too large to be able to disinfect it effectively between circuits, B) if someone is not comfortable, we won't rotate.


**12) For those we see off-site, we will discuss what to bring to use for disinfectant to keep you safe, or if I just bring equipment from my office.  I have always cleaned before, and after use when off-site.


**  This will be I write this today, I am no where near comfortable exposing myself and those who I see in my office to this scenario.  I think Jann is in the same place.


The measures that are are regular part of our practice, and have been since we began:


In the Office:


* If your appointment is after an immuno-suppressant patient or someone in current cancer treatment; you will be asked to stay in your vehicle until they are in or near theirs.


* Equipment is always wiped down between people. 


*The treatment rooms are always wiped down between patients and no one is ever allowed to share linens. (Yes, I have had back- to- back family members wanting to "spare me of extra laundry".  The answer has always been and will continue to be "NO!") 


* We see one therapy patient at a time.


* Bathrooms and waiting room/area are cleaned daily.







 Personal Protocols:

(We grew up doing these things, from not touching door knobs, food handling practices, and cleaning, so many things are habit to do.)


* Washing hands between people, changing linens, before and after eating/grabbing a sip of water, etc.  That's why they're always so chapped!


*  We  have always and will continue to change clothing before seeing an immuno-suppressed patient, and follow all clinic based guidelines for sessions.


*  We change clothes after being off-site.


*  I- Leslie have always limited my exposure of my own personal life during the normal flu season of where I go and what I do to protect my family and those who I take care of.   I know that Jann has done this as well. This years regular flu season had already hit so hard before Xmas 2019, I had already stopped going to many of of my normal stops to limit exposure, as well as some of my own needs for self care:   


-  Stopping  once a week at TJ Maxx/Home Goods/REI/etc. to browse.

-  Every other day for fresh vegetables in the store.

-  I stopped going to many of my personal care practices and sessions starting in Oct 2019 (while cleaning protocols were up- they were not enforced).

-  We care about each and every person who walks thru our door and consider it a privilege to be able to take care of you!

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